About Us

Cranesbill Nursery Open 7 Days a Week 9a - 5pMy name is Mary Anne Brady and I started Cranesbill Nursery in 1990 at my one acre farm in Cumberland RI.

I discovered Cranesbill (which is the common name for perennial geraniums) and found them to be tough hard working perennials that could take any kind of abuse. So I started collecting. I now have the largest collection on the East Coast with about 140 different cranesbill at any given time.

 Why Are We Named Cranesbill?

Twenty five years ago I was living in Cumberland, RI and my husband and I had an old farm house with over an acre of land.  This was when I really grew passionate about gardening.  We had a pool and it was very hot and dry around that area.  I discovered Geranium sanguineum, ‘JohnElsley’ and Geranium sanguineum, ‘Shepherd’s Warning’, which are both small ground covers. They were such hard working plants demanding no attention.  They could take the heat, they were both pretty drought tolerant and they spread out very nicely.   Once I saw how undemanding these two were I started reading about the genus and discovered what a huge family of lovely plants were available.


 The Cranesbill Collection Began.

Everything You Need for a Beautiful Garden

I would have to say I am an addict when it comes to plants in general, but I never dreamed I would have a nursery, instead, I concentrated on one particular genus which became my area of expertise. About five years later, I started selling cranesbill from my yard.  And the rest, as they say, is history! In 2001 I moved to Barrington, RI, to a much smaller site and started my design/maintenance business, still collecting Cranesbill and selling out of my backyard as well as plant sales.

Welcome to Cranesbill Nursery

The big change occurred in Oct. of 2009 when I bought an existing nursery that had been closed for two years.  Just three miles down the road from my Barrington house, the nursery is in Swansea, MA.  Basically starting from scratch, we opened May 1, 2010, and haven’t look back since!

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