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If the job is too big for us, we have two local landscapers that will complete the installation. At Cranesbill Nursery we offer private consults, garden design, garden installation and maintenance.

We also have an arborist!


Private Consultations

We will go to your house or property and  do a general walk around to determine what areas need to be worked on, changed or improved.

If this leads to a custom design – that is always fun!


 The Cranesbill Nursery  5 Year Plan

At Cranesbill Nursery we offer, what we call, 5 year plans.  Homeowners rarely do “the whole yard” all at once.

It’s our job to listen to your priorities, determine what part of the yard you use the most and what areas are most important to you.

With this evaluation, we can give you an overview of where you’ll be 5 years down the road. And more importantly, 5 years down the road, we’ll still be around to  make sure your landscaping dreams come to fruition!

 There is no such thing as ‘an instant garden’…

Most perennial beds take three years to grow

…unless, of course, you have an unlimited budget and can bring in huge mature trees, etc.  Most perennial beds take three years to grow into themselves.

So the five year plan is a nice way of easing you into what it will look like. Besides consulting and designing, Cranesbill Nursey offers extensive knowledge of the plant material we sell.


The Cransebill Nursery Promise

If there is a new plant that is new to us, we look it up and have the information available on hardiness, overall size etc.  so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

That’s the promise of The Cranesbill 5 Year Plan: creativity, dependability, and a wealth of experience with unique plants and garden design.

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